02.12.18: Korean TV Ratings for Monday

‘TALKMON’ increases in ratings with Kim Hee Sun’s entrance as an MC!




Major Broadcast

KBS1’s Gayo Stage (canceled broadcast)

KBS2’s Hello (ft. Wax, Hong Suk Chun, Hong Jin Young, Gugudan’s Hana & Mina) – 4.6% Nielsen Korea, 5.2% TNMS

SBS’ Master of Living (canceled broadcast)

SBS’ Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 2 – 12.1% Nielsen Korea, 10.7% TNMS



Channel A’s Heard It Through the Grapevine – 2.6% Nielsen Korea, 1.9% TNMS

Channel A’s Thousand Days’ History – 2.3% Nielsen Korea, 2.0% TNMS

JTBC’s Please Take Care of My Refrigerator (ft. Sam Okyere x Alberto Mondi) – 4.8% Nielsen Korea, 4.8% TNMS

MBN’s Happily Unmarried Girls – 0.9% Nielsen Korea, 1.1% TNMS

MBN’s Pandora – 2.9% Nielsen Korea, 3.0% TNMS

TV Chosun’s How Much? – 5.7% Nielsen Korea, 4.8% TNMS

tvN’s TALKMON (ft. MC Kim Hee Sun) – 1.5% Nielsen Korea, 1.4% TNMS

tvN’s The List 2018 – 1.0% Nielsen Korea, 1.3% TNMS




Major Broadcast

KBS1’s I Hate You, But I Love You – 17.3% Nielsen Korea, 17.7% TNMS

KBS2’s Waves, Waves – 7.8% Nielsen Korea, 10.1% TNMS (premiere)

KBS2’s Radio Romance (canceled broadcast)

KBS2’s Doll’s House to premiere following My Man’s Secret on the 26th.

MBC’s Backflow – 7.7% Nielsen Korea, 9.1% TNMS

MBC’s Enemies from the Past (canceled broadcast)

MBC’s White Tower – 3.4% Nielsen Korea (1), 3.0% Nielsen Korea (2)

  • The Great Seducer to air following Two Cops on March 12th. A UHD remastered version of the 2007 drama, White Tower, to air in the meantime.

SBS’ Should We Kiss First to premiere following Doubtful Victory on the 20th.

SBS’ Happy Sisters – 11.3% Nielsen Korea, 12.8% TNMS



JTBC’s Eulachacha Waikiki – 1.7% Nielsen Korea, 1.8% TNMS

TV Chosun’s Smashing on Your Back – 0.7% Nielsen Korea, 0.7% TNMS

tvN’s Cross – 4.3% Nielsen Korea, 3.6% TNMS


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