02.15.19: Korean TV Ratings for Friday

After the end of ‘SKY Castle,’ Friday cable dramas fail to keep up the hype.




Major Broadcast

KBS2’s Entertainment Weekly – 3.2% Nielsen Korea

KBS2’s Music Bank – 1.1% Nielsen Korea

KBS2’s Quiz Room – 1.8% Nielsen Korea

KBS2’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook – 1.1% Nielsen Korea

MBC’s I Live Alone – 14.3% Nielsen Korea

MBC’s Don Spike’s Eat It to Believe It – 2.1% Nielsen Korea

SBS’ Law of the Jungle in the Northern Mariana Islands (moved to Saturday @9PM KST)



Comedy TV’s Delicious Guys – 0.9% Nielsen Korea

JTBC’s Movie Room – 1.3% Nielsen Korea

TV Chosun’s Housekeeping 9 Store – 2.2% Nielsen Korea

TV Chosun’s The Manual – 1.0% Nielsen Korea




Major Broadcast

KBS1’s Get Out of the Way, Fate – 21.4% Nielsen Korea

KBS2’s Left-Handed Wife – 13.5% Nielsen Korea

MBC’s Blessing of the Sea – 7.9% Nielsen Korea

SBS’ Gangnam Scandal – 7.6% Nielsen Korea

SBS’ The Fiery Priest – 13.8% Nielsen Korea (premiere)



JTBC’s Legal High – 2.8% Nielsen Korea (record-low)

tvN’s Rude Miss Young-ae Season 17 – 2.6% Nielsen Korea (record-low)


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