02.17.18: Korean TV Ratings for Saturday

Misty‘ hits the lucky seven in ratings!




Major Broadcast

KBS1’s Gugak Hanmadang – 4.8% Nielsen Korea

KBS1’s I Like to Sing – 10.1% Nielsen Korea, 10.8% TNMS

KBS1’s Park Won Sook’s Let’s Live Together (canceled broadcast)

KBS2’s Battle Trip – 3.0% Nielsen Korea, 3.8% TNMS

KBS2’s I Love Movie – 3.4% Nielsen Korea, 3.1% TNMS

KBS2’s Immortal Song – 7.1% Nielsen Korea, 6.5% TNMS

KBS2’s 1% Friendship to premiere following The Unit on March 3rd.

MBC’s Omniscient Interfering to premiere following All Broadcasting in the World on March 3rd.

MBC’s Infinity Challenge (ft. H.O.T.) – 13.6% Nielsen Korea, 14.6% TNMS

SBS’ Connect! Movie World (canceled broadcast)

SBS’ It’s Okay If We Get A Little Crazy (canceled broadcast)

SBS’ Jagiya – 7.5% Nielsen Korea, 7.9% TNMS



Channel A’s A Man Who Feeds the Dog Season 2 – 1.0% Nielsen Korea, 0.8% TNMS

JTBC’s Knowing Bros – 2.9% Nielsen Korea, 3.5% TNMS

JTBC’s Stranger (ft. Wonder Girls’ Sunye) – 2.9% Nielsen Korea, 3.1% TNMS

MBN’s Dongchimi – 4.6% Nielsen Korea, 3.9% TNMS

TV Chosun’s Can Anyone Love – 1.2% Nielsen Korea, 1.2% TNMS

TV Chosun’s Half-Half Romance – 0.7% Nielsen Korea, 0.5% TNMS

tvN’s Salty Tour (canceled broadcast)

tvN’s Seoul Mate – 1.4% Nielsen Korea, 1.1% TNMS




Major Broadcast

KBS2’s My Golden Life – 34.7% Nielsen Korea, 30.0% TNMS

MBC’s My Husband Oh Jak-doo to premiere following Money Flower on March 3rd.

SBS’ Good Witch to premiere following Bravo My Life on March 3rd.



JTBC’s Misty – 7.1% Nielsen Korea, 5.9% TNMS (record-high)

OCN’s Children of a Lesser God to premiere following Bad Guys: City of Evil on the 24th.

tvN’s Hwayugi – 3.6% Nielsen Korea, 4.5% TNMS


H.O.T reunion!

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