04.04.17: Top 30 Entertainment News According to Nate


30. Park Bo Young ranked as the #1 hot-topic actor among 407 actors starring in the 38 airing or upcoming dramas according to the GOODDATA Corporation.

Other names on the list were Nam Goong Min (#2), Lee Bo Young (#3), Park Hyung Sik (#4), 2PM’s Junho (#5), Lee Sang Yoon (#6), Red Velvet’s Joy (#7), Lee Hyun Woo (#8), Park Young Gyu (#9), and Jo Yeo Jung (#10). (Source: Sports Chosun via Nate)

29. WINNER’s MINO says he’s not as dumb as he seems on ‘New Journey to the West 3.’ (Source: Newsen via Nate)

28. Actor Lee Soo Hyuk attends VIP screening of the movie ‘One Day,’ which opens on the 5th. (Source: TV Daily via Nate)

27. Lim (from Wonder Girls) updates fans as a freshman at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, class of ’17. (Source: Newsen via Nate)

26. IU and Oh Hyuk couple up in cover images for single, “Can’t Love You Anymore,” to be released on the 7th. (Source: Newsen via Nate)

25. Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin finally confirm relationship the fourth time around; started dating in 2016. (Source: Star News via Nate)

24. Reporter Kim Myo Sung reveals that when the news of Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend first broke out, Kim Hyun Joong’s parents told her in a phone call, “We hope that the truth in its entirety gets out. Not to point fingers at her but to get the facts straight, my son’s mistakes should be revealed too.” After trying to call them back, she said, “Their phones are turned off right now. This never happened before.” (Source: Sports Chosun via Nate)

23. ‘Produce 101 Season 2’s Jang Moon Bok looks dramatically different with short hair in a composite photo. (Source: Herald Kyungjae via Nate)

22. Gugudan’s Sejeong and Mina share their individual income with the rest of Gugudan. (Source: Star News via Nate)

21. Actress Lee Tae Im goes tanning in the Philippines. (Source: MyDaily via Nate)

20. ‘I Live Alone’ captures the wedding of Park Na Rae’s younger brother with a hilarious officiant who says, “Groom and bride, you know what I’m going to say, right?” Groom and bride reply, “Yes.” The officiant then says, “Then that’s it,” making it short and sweet. (Source: JoongAng Ilbo via Nate)

19. Ock Joo Hyun (Fin.K.L) and Cha Ji Yeon are revealing in red for musical, ‘MATA HARI.’ (Source: Sports Today via Nate)

18. Lee Min Ho spent 700 days with staff at the DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone) for documentary, ‘DMZ THE WILD.’ (Source: Sports Chosun via Nate)

17. ‘The Inquisitr’ mentions that Song Joong Ki will step on the red carpet at the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival in May for his upcoming movie, ‘Battleship Island,’ which is set for domestic premiere this summer. (Source: Newsen via Nate)

16. Is Jang Moon Bok really the center no matter what for ‘Produce 101 Season 2’? (Source: OSEN via Nate)

15. Ms. Song (24), who was charged with falsely accusing JYJ’s Park Yoochun (31) of sexual assault, has requested a jury trial for the next hearing; her lawyer claims unfair investigation. (Source: Newsis via Nate)

14. Lee Jun Ki faces backlash for not being genuine with Park Min Young on tvN’s ‘My Ear’s Candy 2’, following news of his relationship with Jeon Hye Bin. (Source: Hankook Kyungjae TV via Nate)

13. Lee Jun Ki and Park Min Young’s ‘My Ear’s Candy 2’ special canceled. (Source: OSEN via Nate)

12. Netizen claims he’s been dating actress Moon Chae Won since March 2015. Her camp has yet to respond. (Source: JoongAng Ilbo via Nate)

11. Husband of the Japanese couple whom Jung Yoo Mi served as a waitress for on tvN’s ‘Youn’s Kitchen,’ leaves a sweet message on her Instagram. (Source: JoongAng Ilbo via Nate)

10. Kim Yong Man, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Soo Yong, and Park Soo Hong to join ‘Happy Together 3.’ (Source: Sports Chosun via Nate)

9. Singer Tim says he wants be an onscreen couple with Park Na Rae, and guide her to a ‘proper life.’ (Source: TV Report via Nate)

8. Actress Jung Yoo Mi looks lovely on the set of ‘Youn’s Kitchen.’ (Source: JoongAng Ilbo via Nate)

7. Lee Young Ja gave up on getting married because she didn’t want to burden anyone with her family debt. (Source: MyDaily via Nate)

6. Tim receives backlash for his comment about wanting to show Park Na Rae how to live a ‘proper life.’ (Source: KBS News via Nate)

5. Lee Jun Ki (36) and Jeon Hye Bin (35) reported to have been dating for 2 years. (Source: SBS funE via Nate)

4. Actors Kang Boo Ja and Lee Mook Won celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary; says if she were born again, she would still marry him. (Source: JoongAng Ilbo via Nate)

3. GFRIEND’s Yerin uncovers a fan who had a hidden camera in his glasses at their fan meeting. (Source: YTN via Nate)

2. SHINee’s Minho and EXO’s Suho’s awkward relationship gets examined again. (Source: JoongAng Ilbo via Nate)

1. Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin confirmed to be dating. (Source: Dispatch via Nate)


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