05.09.19: Korean TV Ratings for Thursday

Doctor Prisoner‘ maintains reign as king of its time slot!




Major Broadcast

KBS1’s All That Music – 0.8% Nielsen Korea

KBS1’s Tonight – Kim Jedong (canceled broadcast)

KBS2’s Happy Together 4 (Noh Joo Hyun, Jung Young Sook, Min Woo Hyuk, Kangnam, Yoon Tae Jin & Jin Areum) – 4.1% Nielsen Korea

MBC’s Daughter-in-Law in Wonderland – 3.5% Nielsen Korea

MBC’s Section TV – 2.6% Nielsen Korea

SBS’ Capture the Moment: How is that Possible – 9.7% Nielsen Korea

SBS’ We Will Channel You! – 2.4% Nielsen Korea (finale)



Channel A’s Follow Me, City Fishermen (ft. Lee Duk Hwa & Lee Kyung Kyu) – 3.2% Nielsen Korea

JTBC’s JTBC News Room – 3.8% Nielsen Korea

MBC every1’s Come on Over~ It’s Your First Time in Korea, Right? Season 2 – 3.4% Nielsen Korea

TV Chosun’s Taste of Love Season 2 to premiere on May 23rd!

tvN’s 4 Wheeled Restaurant 3 – 5.0% Nielsen Korea




Major Broadcast

KBS1’s Home for Summer (canceled broadcast)

KBS2’s Doctor Prisoner – 12.3% | 14.2% Nielsen Korea

KBS2’s Left-Handed Wife – 13.0% Nielsen Korea

MBC’s Blessing of the Sea – 6.0% Nielsen Korea

MBC’s The Banker – 3.6% | 4.6% Nielsen Korea

SBS’ My Absolute Boyfriend to premiere following Big Issue on May 15th!

SBS’ Gangnam Scandal – 7.0% Nielsen Korea




OCN’s Save Me 2 – 1.4% Nielsen Korea

tvN’s Her Private Life – 2.7% Nielsen Korea


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