09.25.18: Korean TV Ratings for Tuesday

‘I Live Alone’ does the best out of the Chuseok variety specials!




Major Broadcast

KBS1’s My Neighbor, Charles – 9.0% Nielsen Korea

KBS2’s 1 vs 100 (canceled broadcast)

KBS2’s Bolbbalgan Dangshin – 2.1% Nielsen Korea

KBS2’s The Problems of the Rooftop Room (Chuseok pilot) – 3.2% Nielsen Korea

MBC’s Human Documentary: Good People (canceled broadcast)

MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championship (Chuseok special) – 7.1% Nielsen Korea

MBC’s I Live Alone (Chuseok special) – 7.9% Nielsen Korea (1), 7.1% Nielsen Korea (2)

MBC’s PD Notebook (canceled broadcast)

SBS’ Big Picture Family – 7.1% Nielsen Korea (premiere)

SBS’ Channel You (Kang Ho Dong, Lee Young Ae, Yang Se Hyung, Jessi & Seungri) – 4.6% Nielsen Korea (1), 4.8% Nielsen Korea (2) (Chuseok pilot)

SBS’ Flaming Youth (canceled broadcast)

SBS’ Hanbam (canceled broadcast)

SBS’ Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling (Chuseok special) – 5.1% Nielsen Korea



Channel A’s Body God – 2.5% Nielsen Korea

Channel A’s Outsiders – 1.9% Nielsen Korea

JTBC’s Idol Room (canceled broadcast)

JTBC’s JTBC News Room – 5.3% Nielsen Korea

JTBC’s Kim Jae Dong’s Talk to You 2 – 3.0% Nielsen Korea (finale)

MBN’s Lord of the Thumb – 2.6% Nielsen Korea

TV Chosun’s Wife’s Cooking – 2.9% Nielsen Korea

tvN’s Just Happened Lab (two-episode special) – 0.8% Nielsen Korea (finale)

tvN’s Nest Escape 3 – 2.0% Nielsen Korea

tvN’s Problematic Man – 1.9% Nielsen Korea

O tvN’s Free 19 – 0.2% Nielsen Korea



SBS’ Midnight Runners (special airing) – 8.3% Nielsen Korea (1), 10.4% Nielsen Korea (2)




Major Broadcast

KBS1’s Sunny Again Tomorrow – 15.1% Nielsen Korea

KBS2’s Madam Cha Dal Rae’s Love – 5.8% Nielsen Korea

KBS2’s Lovely Horribly – 2.0% Nielsen Korea (1), 3.2% Nielsen Korea (2)

KBS2’s Love to the End (canceled broadcast)

MBC’s Secrets & Lies (canceled broadcast)

MBC’s Bad Papa to premiere following Risky Romance on October 1st.

SBS’ Where Stars Land to premiere following Thirty But Seventeen on October 1st.

SBS’ I’m a Mother, Too – 6.1% Nielsen Korea



JTBC’s Beauty Inside to premiere following Life on October 1st.

tvN’s 100 Days My Prince – 6.9% Nielsen Korea


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