09.26.18: Korean TV Ratings for Wednesday

‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’ does considerably well in ratings.




Major Broadcast

KBS2’s Housekeeping Men Season 2 – 7.0% Nielsen Korea

KBS2’s The Problems of the Rooftop Room (Chuseok pilot) – 3.9% Nielsen Korea

KBS2’s Voice Avengers (Chuseok pilot) – 2.7% Nielsen Korea

MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championship – 5.8% Nielsen Korea (1), 7.9% Nielsen Korea (2)

MBC’s I Live Alone (special) – N/A

MBC’s Radio Star (The cast of Bad Papa) – 5.2% Nielsen Korea

MBC’s True Story (실화탐사대) (canceled broadcast)

SBS’ Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant – 5.1% Nielsen Korea

SBS’ Big Picture Family – 6.2% Nielsen Korea

SBS’ Einstein (canceled broadcast)



Channel A’s Daddy’s True Colors – 1.0% Nielsen Korea

JTBC’s Difference in Class – 2.6% Nielsen Korea

JTBC’s JTBC News Room – 6.9% Nielsen Korea

JTBC’s Let’s Eat Dinner Together (canceled broadcast)

TV Chosun’s Powerful Opponents – 2.2% Nielsen Korea

tvN’s Mom, I’m Here – 3.4% Nielsen Korea (premiere)

tvN’s Soomi’s Side Dishes – 4.5% Nielsen Korea

tvN’s Wednesday Food Talk (canceled broadcast)

tvN’s You Quiz on the Block – 1.5% Nielsen Korea



SBS’ Along with the Gods (special airing) – 10.8% Nielsen Korea (1), 13.6% Nielsen Korea (2)




Major Broadcast

KBS1’s Sunny Again Tomorrow – 19.3% Nielsen Korea

KBS2’s The Ghost Detective (canceled broadcast)

KBS2’s Madam Cha Dahl Rae’s Love – 5.2% Nielsen Korea

KBS2’s Love to the End – 9.6% Nielsen Korea

MBC’s Secrets & Lies (canceled broadcast)

MBC’s My Secret Terrius to premiere later today!

SBS’ Heart Surgeons to premiere later today!

SBS’ I’m a Mother, Too – 7.2% Nielsen Korea



MBN, Dramax’s Devilish Joy – 1.4% Nielsen Korea (MBN) | 0.2% Nielsen Korea (Dramax)

OCN’s The Guest – 2.9% Nielsen Korea

tvN’s The Smile Has Left Your Eyes to premiere following Familiar Wife on October 3rd.


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