11.14.17: Korean TV Ratings for Tuesday


Witch’s Court‘ almost returns to the 12% mark, and ‘Temperature of Love‘ loses steam in ratings.


Witch’s Court‘ almost returned to its record-high with 11.9%, as the only drama in its time slot with double digits. ‘Temperature of Love‘ has been less than hot in ratings with 6.4% and 7.3%.




Major Broadcast

KBS2’s 1 vs 100 (‘Witch’s Court‘ aired in its place)

KBS2’s The Year of the Dragon Club (‘The Unit’ re-run aired in its place)

SBS’ Flaming Youth – 6.0% Nielsen Korea, 4.7% TNMS

SBS’ One Night of Real Entertainment (Hanbam) (canceled due to soccer game)



Channel A’s Body God – 2.4% Nielsen Korea, 2.2% TNMS

Channel A’s Outsiders – 2.7% Nielsen Korea, 2.9% TNMS

JTBC’s Carefree Travelers (ft. INFINITE‘s Sunggyu) – 2.6% Nielsen Korea, 2.9% TNMS

JTBC’s Say My Name – Han Myeonghoe – 2.1% Nielsen Korea, 1.2% TNMS

MBN’s The King and the Woman – 1.3% Nielsen Korea, 1.1% TNMS

TV Chosun’s Moranbong Club – 2.5% Nielsen Korea, 2.6% TNMS

tvN’s Mr. Baek the Homemade Food Master 3 – 2.9% Nielsen Korea, 3.1% TNMS

tvN’s Youth Over Flowers (WINNER) – 2.4% Nielsen Korea, 3.6% TNMS




Major Broadcast

KBS1’s I Hate You, But I Love You – 17.4% Nielsen Korea, 17.8% TNMS

KBS2’s Witch’s Court – 11.9% Nielsen Korea, 11.2% TNMS

KBS2’s Dal Soon’s Spring – 7.0% Nielsen Korea, 9.1% TNMS

KBS2’s My Man’s Secret – 14.8% Nielsen Korea, 17.5% TNMS

MBC’s 20th Century Boy and Girl – 3.4% Nielsen Korea (23rd episode), 3.0% Nielsen Korea (24th episode)

MBC’s Return of the Lucky Pot – 13.2% Nielsen Korea, 15.3% TNMS

MBC’s Reverse – 6.5% Nielsen Korea, 7.8% TNMS

MBC’s Sisters-in-Law – 7.0% Nielsen Korea (99th episode), 8.6% Nielsen Korea (100th episode)

SBS’ Temperature of Love – 6.4% Nielsen Korea (33rd episode), 7.3% Nielsen Korea (34th episode)

SBS’ Sweet Enemy – 12.0% Nielsen Korea, 13.6% TNMS



tvN’s Because This is My First Life – 3.9% Nielsen Korea, 5.0% TNMS


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