11.30.17: Korean TV Ratings for Thursday


Mad Dog‘ ends with its highest rating and at #1 in its time slot!


Mad Dog‘ ended with a record-high of 9.7%! ‘Wise Prison Life‘ also reached a record-high of 5.5%, while ‘Nothing to Lose‘ dropped to 6.7% and 6.6%. ‘WANNA B’ also premiered.




Major Broadcast

KBS1’s All That Music (aired yesterday)

KBS2’s Happy Together 3 (special) – 2.5% Nielsen Korea

MBC’s TV Art Stage – 0.5% Nielsen Korea, 0.4% TNMS

SBS’ Capture the Moment How is that Possible – 10.8% Nielsen Korea, 12.7% TNMS

SBS’ Jagiya – 7.9% Nielsen Korea, 7.2% TNMS



Channel A’s Follow Me, City Fishermen (ft. Lee Duk Hwa & Lee Kyung Kyu) – 3.6% Nielsen Korea, 3.8% TNMS

JTBC’s Ssul Jeon – 4.5% Nielsen Korea, 4.7% TNMS

JTBC’s WANNA B – 0.6% Nielsen Korea, 1.0% TNMS (premiere)

MBC every1’s Come on Over~ It’s Your First Time in Korea, Right? – 4.8% Nielsen Korea, 5.0% TNMS

MBN’s Shin Dong Yup’s Master Panel – 1.1% Nielsen Korea, 1.0% TNMS

TV Chosun’s Life Documentary My Way – 2.9% Nielsen Korea, 3.2% TNMS

tvN’s Accidentally Adult – 0.9% Nielsen Korea, 0.8% TNMS

tvN’s Life Bar (ft. Park Jin Young x Park So Hyun) – 1.5% Nielsen Korea, 1.8% TNMS

tvN’s Livin’ the Double Life (ft. Big Bang x CL) – 1.2% Nielsen Korea, 1.4% TNMS




Major Broadcast

KBS1’s I Hate You, But I Love You – 17.6% Nielsen Korea, 18.3% TNMS

KBS2’s Dal Soon’s Spring – 9.2% Nielsen Korea, 10.6% TNMS

KBS2’s Mad Dog – 9.7% Nielsen Korea, 9.3% TNMS (record-high) (finale)

KBS2’s My Man’s Secret – 14.4% Nielsen Korea, 17.0% TNMS

MBC’s Enemies from the Past – 8.9% Nielsen Korea, 9.7% TNMS

MBC’s I’m Not a Robot to premiere on December 6th.

SBS’ Nothing to Lose – 6.7% Nielsen Korea (7th episode), 6.6% Nielsen Korea (8th episode)

SBS’ Sweet Enemy – 12.8% Nielsen Korea, 14.3% TNMS



tvN’s Wise Prison Life – 5.5% Nielsen Korea, 5.3% TNMS (record-high)


Park Jin Young is disappointed that Heechul switched from Momo to Jin Se Yeon!

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