12.29.17: Korean TV Ratings for Friday

The ‘MBC Entertainment Awards’ does better than the ‘KBS Song Festival.’


The ‘MBC Entertainment Awards’ was #1 for the night with 12.1%, while the ‘KBS Song Festival’ achieved 6.6%. ‘Law of the Jungle’ dropped due to the heavy competition. ‘Untouchable‘ was canceled this week.




Major Broadcast

KBS2’s 2017 KBS Song Festival – 6.6% Nielsen Korea (Part 1), 6.2% Nielsen Korea (Part 2)

KBS2’s Entertainment Weekly (2017 KBS Song Festival aired in its place)

KBS2’s Music Bank (Immortal Song re-run aired in its place)

KBS2’s Swan Club (2017 KBS Song Festival aired in its place)

KBS2’s VJ’s on the Scene (2017 KBS Song Festival aired in its place)

MBC’s 2017 MBC Entertainment Awards – 9.9% Nielsen Korea (Part 1), 12.1% Nielsen Korea (Part 2)

MBC’s TV Art Stage – 0.3% Nielsen Korea, 0.4% TNMS

MBC’s Fearless Guys – 1.5% Nielsen Korea, 2.1% TNMS (finale)

MBC’s I Live Alone (2017 MBC Entertainment Awards aired in its place)

MBC’s Insolent Housemates (2017 MBC Entertainment Awards aired in its place)

MBC’s Ranking Show 1,2,3 (2017 MBC Entertainment Awards aired in its place)

SBS’ Baek Jong Won’s Food Truck – 5.3% Nielsen Korea, 4.8% TNMS (finale)

SBS’ Game Show – 0.6% Nielsen Korea, 1.4% TNMS

SBS’ Law of the Jungle in the Cook Islands  11.8% Nielsen Korea, 11.0% TNMS



Comedy TV’s Delicious Guys – 0.7% Nielsen Korea, 0.9% TNMS

JTBC’s Perfect on Paper – 1.1% Nielsen Korea, 1.0% TNMS

MBN’s Really Curious Stories – 2.3% Nielsen Korea, 1.9% TNMS

Mnet’s WANNA ONE GO : ZERO BASE – 0.6% Nielsen Korea, 1.1% TNMS (finale)

TV Chosun’s Star Star Talk Show – 1.7% Nielsen Korea, 1.7% TNMS

TV Chosun’s The Manual – 1.8% Nielsen Korea

tvN’s Trivia 2 – 5.2% Nielsen Korea, 4.8% TNMS (finale)




Major Broadcast

KBS1’s I Hate You, But I Love You – 16.9% Nielsen Korea, 19.7% TNMS

KBS2’s Dal Soon’s Spring – 9.6% Nielsen Korea, 10.8% TNMS

KBS2’s My Man’s Secret – 18.9% Nielsen Korea, 21.6% TNMS

MBC’s Backflow – 6.9% Nielsen Korea, 8.3% TNMS

MBC’s Enemies from the Past – 9.8% Nielsen Korea, 11.9% TNMS

SBS’ Happy Sisters – 9.8% Nielsen Korea, 10.0% TNMS



JTBC’s Untouchable (canceled this week)

tvN’s Everyone’s Romance – 0.6% Nielsen Korea, 1.0% TNMS


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