What’s inkinews?

inkinews (romanization of the Korean phrase ‘인기뉴스,’ which means ‘popular news’) is a K-pop news site with daily TV ratings for Korean dramas and variety shows.

For more info.: http://inkinews.com/about/


When are ratings released?

Ratings are released the day after broadcast.


Why are Nielsen Korea and TNMS (Total National Multimedia Statistics)’s ratings different?

They’re different companies with their own research samples (households), etc.


What’s considered a good rating?

For major-broadcast channels (SBS, KBS, MBC), a decent rating for a variety show would be between 5-10%. A good rating for both variety shows and dramas would be in the double digits.

For cable, it depends. A good rating for a fan-service show like MBCEvery1’s ‘Weekly Idol’ would be 1%. But channels like JTBC have been becoming a strong force in the TV industry with a good rating for variety shows like ‘Knowing Bros’ considered to be 5%. Then again, there are dramas in the double digits like tvN’s ‘Goblin,’ which ended with a record-breaking rating of 20.5% (Nielsen Korea). However, they are measured on a ‘paid-platform standard,’ so one shouldn’t compare programs based on ratings alone.


Where’s the rating for so-and-so?

When a show is not on the list, the most likely case is that its ratings aren’t available or the show didn’t air. For rating requests, please contact me.



Translations are my own, but sources are noted accordingly. Credit if shared. As with all news, please don’t take things at face value when reading inkinews. I do my best, but I don’t guarantee accuracy. If there’s a mistake, I’d appreciate a heads up.

inkinews does not publish breaking nor real-time news, but posts daily ratings which are released a day after broadcast. Multiple factors (time slot, channel, scandals, etc.) affect rating so programs shouldn’t be compared based on numbers alone. I don’t post ratings for every show. For rating requests, please contact me.